KL City Grand Prix – Vrrroouuummm!

I find car racing extremely boring on TV. But what if you watch it live? When the cars pass by, right under your nose? This weekend we finally know the answer, as we buckled up for the Kuala Lumpur City Grand Prix. And racecars in 4 different categories zipped their way through a 3.2 km street circuit.

For the past few weeks, endless series of fences and concrete blocks have been brought in to turn KL into Monaco. Resulting into endless traffic jams, but who cares? It’s walking distance from our condo - and in true Monaco fashion, we watched the race from the apartment of friends living along the circuit.

I have to admit: it’s quite a thrill to see a pack of Lamborghinis flash by at horrendous speeds. Vroum! Vroum! Vroum! The roar of the engines is deafening. You can smell the rubber and gasoline, almost sense the raw power in the air. To take a snap shot, you have to be really quick with your camera. I shot mainly empty streets.

But after 10 minutes, well, it’s more vroum-vroum-vroum. Unlike TV, there’s no way to figure out who’s leading. If it wasn’t for the noise, everybody would fall asleep. So, is it as boring? Zzzzzz – yeah.


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